Friday, March 2, 2012

10 things {mostly things i LOVE}

shirt: Gap, pants: PacSun, scarf: Forever 21, black boots: Target, watch: Nordstrom

1. it is officially march. hurahhhhh! THIS... is going to be a good month
2. i love neon. especially neon green-ish yellow-ish. for example, this sweater, THESE pants, and THIS scarf.
3. i love having a variety of iPhone cases! it provides change. on Sunday i painted my own! i bought a red/white polka dot one a while ago... but it chipped SO much, so i picked it all off and painted some fabulous stripes on. pretty cute
4. i LOVE getting things in the mail. i also LOVE finding things on great deals. like my new pumps, boots, maxi skirt, cheetah shirt {like i need more cheetah.....} etc. i seriously loveeee finding things on sale.
5. meet one of my bestie's... meggie :) i absolutely love this girl6. yes, it closed a week ago. yes, i am still mourning over the fact that they closed. wahhhhhhh! :(7. i love treats. muddy buddies, Yogurtland, popsicles, even cold cereal.
8. i love my little sissy, Kylie! tomorrow this little lady is being baptized! wow she is growing up so fast and i am so proud of her! i am speaking at her baptism tomorrow, and no, i haven't written my talk because i am obviously a procrastinating teenager
9. i love today. it has been THE BESTEST DAY ever. and it has only just begun :) i went to 1 period today. ONE. it may or may not be because i was with someone named Matt Hill.
10. i absolutely, positively, definitely, LOVE my parents + my life. i don't want to brag, but when they handed out lives and parents, i for SURE got the best ones there are. sorry guys!

happy weekend everyone! i will definitely enjoy mine :)

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