Monday, March 5, 2012

sunday walk

what a beautiful day it was yesterday and today! the fam and i took advantage of the wonderful weather Utah had for once, in March, and took a walk to the park. lemme tell ya, nothing is better than a Sunday afternoon stroll to the park. what a lovely day

swings are my favorite. they're so fun

yes.... there IS a square on my boot. whaaaaaat? don't ask


  1. I went on a walk Sunday too little weasel! Love you so much. Let's do something soon?

  2. Hey! I'm Maddy! I read your blog ALL the time! It's one of my favourites! There aren't enough teen LDS bloggers out there! I was actually thinking of starting my own, but I'm still considering it. Do you know any other good blogs I could read? You're awesome! Keep it up girl<3

  3. Deidre- i love you :) yes please!!!!

    Maddy- thank you!! that means so much. you should really start your own! i love to blog myself :)

    my favorite blogs are: