Monday, March 12, 2012


it's seriously beautiful outside. and i am personally, loving it. this kinda weather in March? in UTAH??? it this even for real? last year it was snowing in April. this year, it is the beginning of March and almost summer! it's awesome.

the fam and i went for a bike ride yesterday and even though it lasted probably 20 minutes, we were sure happy about being able to slip on some shorts. and yes, those shiny things are legs you are looking at.... PASTY WHITE LEGS.THEN, the craziness happens. we came home to spraying water EVERY where in my parents bathroom. mom shouts "QUICK KEENA CALL DAD!!!!!" i call him, get scared and start crying, shut off the water, then walk into the downstairs bathroom to see water coming from the ceiling and and inch on the ground. + the carpet was SOAKED.after 200 towels and tons of vacuums + fans, we finally got mostly everything clean and dry.
it was quite the Sunday to say the least

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  1. Umm. You're adorable. I just found you when you liked my instagram photos! And it kind of made my heart jump when I saw my blog on your page. I'm totally putting you on mine!