Sunday, April 8, 2012

sunday memory! {easter over the years}

2004 - only 3 of us here! Marcus was born at this point but probably.... sleeping? and so was Kylie, but she was just a tiny baby! only 2 months old. this was our first years of doing the 'Horton family traditional candy lineup' so many little blue + yellow + orange marshmallows we got that year!

2005 - check out me in that tank-top. no bra, hanging low. mmmhmm

2006 - i'm sporting a shrug + sweats. how fashionable
2007 - wow we got a lot of pink + purple + yellow gums this year. mmmmm yum
2008 - this line up was lonnngggggg and SO color coordinated
2009 - this year we spent Easter in St. George for spring break! we hunted for candy in that little condo & sorted it on the pull out bed. classic memories. and THAT, was a cute haircut i think
2010 - we are just getting better and better at this sorting thing. check out the gums THIS year. WOW. so color coordinated and perfect. but whadt can i say, i'm OCD
2011- we're looking up at another camera? i guess. mmmmk people. check out this one. THAT, is a lot of candy. and a LOT of work to organize {read about last years Easter HERE}

2012 - bad quality picture? lil' bit! this was today, after church! the bunny definitely visited the Horton's and brought us TONS of candy this year! heavens i just love candy. sooooo much

this is definitely the hardest holiday for me as far as 'being healthy' goes. let's just say that when it comes to Cadbury eggs + Reese's eggs, there is no such things as self control. in Joslynn's words, 'what can ya do.' it's Easter. I pig out, obviously.


  1. Keena! I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog award! It's on my blog today. Love your blog.