Monday, April 30, 2012

10 things


 shirt: H&M, silk shawl: F21, pants: H&M, shoes: Target, earrings + bracelets: Dillards

1.  as you can see, my sister is on her way for professional photography. she seriously is so awesome at taking pictures for never even taking a photography class!
2.  May starts tomorrow! my all time favorite month. not only cause it's my birthday month, but because we are just rounding up the school year. it is definitely the best month for school cause teachers are getting just as ready for summer as we are. {wink wink, we'll do nothing in class}
3.  i LOVE Twitter.
4.  i'm finally ordering my 'prizes' today {from HERE}, from the contest i won on The Daybook blog! got myself some cute jewelry. can't wait
5.  Meg is sick, Joslynn sleeps through school, and Kaylee is in Canada. MY FRIENDS! come back to SCHOOL!
6.  this weekend i spent more time working out then i did with friends. no seriously though.... Friday i literally had nothing to do so i went to the gym at 7:00 at night. 7:00 on a Friday night i'm telling you! who does that? then Saturday i did the same thing + ran all around Orem. what. has. this. world. come to..... to where i am working out on a Friday/Saturday night..... i have GOT to get a life my friends
7.  we had so much fun yesterday taking pictures of one another, that we started loosing track of time... up to the point where we looked at the clock and we had been gone for 4 hours + it was time for dinner
8.  i miss my cousin so much its KILLING ME. everything happens for a reason. {and that reason better be a good one for us not seeing each other this long} can't wait for college when we can just be roomies + besties + sisters + BFF's..... miss her.
9.  favorite songs right now: If I were a Boy -Beyonce, Take Care (clean) -Drake feat. Rihanna, Happily Ever After -He is We, One Thing -One Direction
10.  i am headed to work! happy Monday everyone! and a happy last day of April!