Sunday, April 29, 2012

MV Prom 2012

SO FUN! seriously one of the funnest dances ever. Edgar was such a sweet date and such a wonderful gentleman! i was asked pretty last minute {like the week of} {which is totally fine, cause of course i am happy i got asked!} so i didn't have much time to find a dress! but luckily i found this gorgeous gold one that i am in love with. i really really wanted a fitted, long, silk dress; and that's exactly what i got!

our 'day date' was Friday night instead of Saturday afternoon. Edgar picked me up {then we picked up Cait and Austin} {SO thrilled that Cait was in my group!} and we headed to a park where we met the rest of the group! we played volleyball and glow in the dark croquet then watched a movie on the lawn! it was cold, but very very fun :)

Saturday morning Cait, Hannah and i got mani/pedi's at a salon! gold glitter nails for my fingers baby. i haven't had a mani'/pedi in like... 3 years! after, we got some Jamba's for breakfast, then Cait and i {Hannah had her day date} shaved our legs! {AND OUR ARMS! we never had. it was quite the accomplishment}
Edgar picked me up at 6:00 and we headed to pictures/dinner with Cait, Austin and the rest of the group! there were plenty of pictures taken at each place we went....

my house:
Cait's house:
our professional pictures:
our group:
Brian, Sidney, Austin M, Wendy, Branson, Misty, Tyler, Emma, Lauren, Alex, Shelby, Nick, Cait, Austin K, Keena {me}, Edgar
dinner was delicious! being the vegetarian i am, i had the Halibut instead of the chicken {yes. i still have fish. i don't eat MEAT}, but it was still divine! we even had some competitions of 'spoon {and a little fork from Edgar} on the nose' ...i won, obvi. {ha, not!}
after dinner we headed to the dance, which was SO DANG fun! after the dance, we went to Yogurtland then to Edgar's to watch a movie. over all? SUCH a great night. loved every minute! my first prom was definitely a success


  1. Keena you look amazingly beautiful! Looks like a fun night!!

  2. if you're vegetarian then why did you eat halibut? i think you mean to say you don't eat red meat...

  3. Is that a spoon or fork on the nose? I wonder who taught you that! It looks like you had a ball!