Wednesday, April 4, 2012

my black girl

meet one of my very best friends, JOSLYNN! isn't she gorgeous? {she's single boys.... and ready to mingle}

i just found out the fam and i are headed down to St. George for 4 days during spring break, and honestly, i couldn't be HAPPIER! this vacation is coming at just the right time, and i just can't wait for that HOT sun to beat down on me until I'm TAN. as tan as tan can get in April. {and maybe a little sunburnt? just maybe} and maybe by the end of the summer i'll be as tan as my black girl jawzzz. okay, we're hoping here

unfortunately, before i can enjoy these wonderful 4 days of pure heat, i have to have some.... 'work' done on this mouth of mine. {yet, AGAIN} the time has finally come, and I'm scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out Monday. luckily, Kaylee {another one of my besties} is getting hers out Tuesday, so we decided that if we are going to be loopy and lazy we may as well do it together by watching movies and having tons and tons and tons of Jamba Juice.

1 week from today and i am outta here! wahoooooooo!

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