Friday, April 6, 2012

10 things

1) it is officially spring break. HALLELUJAH!

2) the fam {well, 6 of us. not mom and Quincey} headed up to our first session of General Conference in the Conference center last Sunday. and although it was super rainy, we made the best of it with our 2 baby umbrellas!

then after the session, we had lunch in the back of the car, THAT, was an adventure :)

3) tonight is the Black Light Stomp. been waiting for this dance for awhile now, can't wait to get that paint splattered ALLLLLL ova. haven't had a dance party with my friends in awhile so i can't wait to have a serious jam sesh

4) I WON A CONTEST! a real contest. a 'giveaway' actually. from The Daybook blog :) it seriously pays off to comment on those giveaway's seeing as how i won $40 to a jewelry shop. $40 in free jewelry? please and thank you!!

5) shout out to Riley Hale! i guess you could 'technically' say we 'hung out' yesterday. i mean, if chit chatting for a little at the soccer game counts. but he wanted a shout-out. {who even knew that such random people read this blog} Riley, if you are reading this, you best comment on this post... i know you read my blog!

6) yesterday was 70 degrees, and today was 40. 40? in April? yeah, not cool. not like i care anyways, I'll be chillin in 80 degree weather in about 5 days.

7) yesterday was the Orem vs. MV soccer game. took this pic with these lovely ladies from both Orem + MV. and yes, Mountain View did win! you better believe it!

8) i got asked to prom Wednesday night. annnnnd.... i still don't even know who asked me. get this: someone doorbell ditched a pair of 7 inch, royal blue, bedazzled, fancy schmancy heels. along with a poem that read, "I'm looking for my princess who can impress in these shoes. So wear them tomorrow and when you figure out it's me there will be no sorrow." soooooo, i wear the heels. size and half too big im clunking through the halls all day in school. and 2 days later, i still don't know who asked me.... awkward...... someone has some serious nerve to do this to me. i don't know whether or not to start thinking this is a prank.... ?

9) in case you were wondering, being a vegetarian is coming along quite swell. lovin' it

10) the Easter bunny is coming! tomorrow to be exact. tomorrow because the Horton's don't think it will be very fun to get up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning {seeing that we have 9:00 church} to hunt for candy + eggs. we called the bunny. he's ok with tomorrow.

*speaking of Easter, here is a Jim Gaffigan classic {provided and inspired by Deidre} if you don't know Jim, he is a hilarious comedian. look him up

''Easter, that's a weird tradition.

Female voice: Easter, the day Jesus rose from the dead. What should we do?
Male voice: How 'bout eggs?!
Female voice: Well, w-what does that have to do with Jesus?
Male voice: Alright, we'll hide 'em.
Female voice: I don't...I don't follow your logic.
Male voice: Don't worry, there's a bunny.''

happy weekend {AND spring break} to you all! I'll be dancing it up, hanging with my girl friends,  and hittin' the gym a couple more times for my 'wanna be' summer bod {for st. george of course} or maybe I'll just eat junk food and cry while watching cute romance movies? we'll see.

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  1. So the picture underneath number 7, yeah well I almost got in it but you guys took it too quick so that was a failure.