Tuesday, April 17, 2012

once upon a time

there was a blizzard. a HUGE BLIZZARD. 
on the way home from St. George on Saturday, we ran into a little..... detour
{that i totally forgot to mention HERE}

we were about 2 hours into the drive and it was snowing. HARD. we were on the freeway of course, but only going about 50MPH. then cars started sliding, and so did we! we stopped, along with everyone else, then after 5 minutes or so {which is kinda a long time to be stopped in the middle of the freeway....} we were confused.

we eventually talked to a man + called a non-emergency police number, and come to find out that there was a 20 car pile up of accidents just a couple cars away from us! {seriously, we couldn't even see it. SO snowy outside!}  anyways, we ended up waiting a full hour with the car turned off. just sitting there. in a blizzard. but we made the best of it {like we always do!} and watched 'The Muppets' as a family.
it was quite the adventure, i will say. especially the part where i was minutes {minutes!} away from taking my business {yes, my bladder was full from that XL lemonade i had at lunch....} to the snowy shrubs. me + my business + a bunch of strangers staring at me + Little Ceasers napkins + the outdoors..... now THAT would have been a sight.

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  1. O my! Ive been in a situation Just like this on the way home from Disneyland. three semi trucks flipped over. It was insane! Im glad you made the best of it. cute family picture :)