Monday, April 16, 2012

St. Geeeeeeezy

was absolutely wonderful. just the vayyyy-cay i was hoping for! it wasn't exactly.... 'hot' but it was toasty enough to hop in my swimsuit and jump in the pool! not to mention lay out... which we did for about... 7 hours?? yeahhh

the family and i + our family friends, drove down on Wednesday morning, arrived at about 4:00. had some dinner and spent the night in the pool/hot tub. we also ate some Cafe Rio that night and watched LOST {started back up with season 1 and got my sissy hooked on it. love that show} 

Thursday was the sunniest day we had! that's the day we chose to lay out for 7 hours and FRY ourselves. Malia, Sydni & i didn't realize we were getting fried since it was only about 65 degrees outside. but laying out in those UV rays for 7 hours? hello 3 little lobsters.
we also went to a WAY cool park with a bunch of creative and fun swings! so many crazy swings. we had been to this park before when we went down in 2009, but they added more since then! they have lots of things you sit on, then spin. and go fast. i got dizzy. wayyyyy dizzzzzyyyy.

Friday was a little more cloudy and windy, but we still made the best of it! of course. the girls and i spent most of the day loungin' around {cause that's what vacations are for} and watching more LOST. once you start watching that show... there is just no stopping i tell you. 

after awhile, we all decided to go to Fiesta Family Fun Center! another place we had been to before, but they seriously have the BEST go-karts ever! hugest track, fastest cars.

it was such a wonderful getaway! yes, im still burnt. not as bad, but those lines are still there! but i'm not going to lie, i love the lines. and the comments of: "YOU ARE SO TAN!" those are the bessssttt


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  2. Holy your little sister is so pretty :))