Friday, May 11, 2012

Orem Prom 2012

seriously, it's so dang hard for me to say which Prom i liked better. they were both SO fun. both dances were the funnest dances ever. {but im pretty sure i'll say that about every dance i go to in High School} but Carson really made this prom so much fun, and put so much work into it to make sure i loved every minute! and i did! Carson was such a sweet date and such a wonderful gentleman!

our 'day date' started Saturday morning at 9:00 am, Carson picked me up and we headed to breakfast with the group at Magleby's Fresh. {if you've never had their all you can eat french toast + syrup... you haven't lived} after breakfast we drove up the canyon and the boys told us we were going on a hike! we stopped at a couple bridges, and at one point Carson taught me how to filter water, HA!
after hiking up to what us girls thought was the top/the stopping point/time to turn around spot, the boys randomly found a 'treasure map' and although this all sounds super cheesy and not believable at all, i guess you would be surprised to know that us girls were all for it. totally believed every word as they were telling us 'we FOUND this map! let's follow it! who did this?' 

after hiking further up + climbing in a cave {that was wayyyyyy dark and deep. scary} we found some 'buried treasure' that happened to be our lunch! i thought the boys creativity was pretty great. and once we asked if it was them, they were happy to announce that they planned the whole. dang. thing. so cute. bonus points for creativity, men!

the men dropped us off to get ready and picked us back up for pictures at 6. i thought these pictures turned out so darn cute! i love every single one

our group, from left to right:
Karli, Colton, Keena {me}, Carson, Melanie, Parke

we had dinner at Carson's house which was served by his mom, and catered by Olive Garden. the food was delicious! we even had little creme puffs + chocolate covered strawberries {which happen to be my absolute favorite} {PS: my mom made 2 trays of that wonderful dessert last night. i had 5..... yes. FIVE}

after dinner we headed to the dance, which was SO DANG fun! after the dance, the boys had another surprise for us... we pull up to Colton's house and there was an outdoor movie with a couch, blankets, and a projector! {the boys were great at surprising us!} over all? SUCH a great night. loved every minute! both proms.... AMAZING.


  1. Got your button on my blog babe!

  2. ok. seriously that's the best. REAL MEN.

  3. Double Prom I love it!! Looks like you had a great time & you are beautiful as usual!!