Monday, May 14, 2012

mothers day smoothies!

happy {late} mothers day! yes, it's delayed, but i hope every mother was appreciated yesterday for all that they do! i sure do appreciate and love my mom. to celebrate the day of mothers, Kylie, Mom and i made some sweet summer smoothies. {say that 10X fast!}

i'm no chef, and this smoothie is very basic. and now that i think about it, it's much more of a lemonade than a smoothie! but if you freeze the watermelon in advance, or just add more ice, it will be more of a slushy smoothie instead of a lemonade

summer smoothie
5 cups of cubed watermelon
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups of strawberries
1 cup water

munching on watermelon as we made the smoothie just couldn't be avoided! 

since Malia was the photographer, she got some too ;) pretty delicious on a hot Sunday!

happy happy monday everyone! i am so thrilled to announce that we only have 12 days of school left! i just can't wait for summer any longer. it was also warm today. finally peaked over 80 degrees! hooray for warm weather!

more coming real soon! XO

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  1. so cute. yum. and ... i adore that kitchen! adore.