Thursday, May 10, 2012

i've been busy

just like i always am! seriously i feel like i am just such a busy lady lately.

i've been working hard to get all the plans + details ready for MORP which is Saturday! there is much to get ready {i have never been to a girls choice dance before. never had to plan this much!} Meg and i skipped 4th yesterday to buy all the food for dinner + snacks. everything is coming along! we're headed up to our 'day-date destination' tonight to set up and check it out!

also, taylor answered me! how cute

i have also been swamped with homework that i have just been putting off {procrastinating, once again} cause i am THAT sick of homework. {i don't want to say sick of school, cause i love school. just sick of all the work that comes with it!} + all my finals and CRT's are next week.... kill me.

also been attending some soccer games! sad we lost to Orem on Tuesday, but we have been playing great & we're headed to state! Joslynn and i definitely enjoyed the 80 degree weather

i am getting my Prom pictures today so my 'Orem's Prom' post is coming soon! XO

PS: check out my new blog button! feel free to add it to your blog and maybe i will add yours too?

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