Thursday, June 14, 2012

i have paint in my hair and a brush in my hand

and this, my friends, is what i have been doing as much as i can for 2 days. PAINTING. edging, rolling, taping, Spackle-ing, buying more paint, edging, rolling, taping, more Spackle-ing, you get the idea. i work all day then come home and get into my paint 'get up' {AKA: my old t-shirt & sweats} and paint until i'm too tired to lift the brush!
thankfully my sister and mom have been helping me, and we're FINALLY almost done. but we have a big room with lots of big furniture so it's definitely getting hard to paint. but seriously if i have to sleep in my brothers room again i'll rip my hair out. TODAY, is the day my room will be done. {i hope}

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