Tuesday, June 12, 2012


shirt: H&M, pants: Target, shoes: Target, necklace: F21

my new running shoes. shoes that i have been needing + wanting for quite some time. i got these beauties for my birthday and they are the greatest things that has ever been strapped on my feet. pure wonderfulness as im jogging 'round town.

anyways, sorry i have a lack of posting interesting posts + pictures lately. it's called i work 24/7 and when im not working, i'm at the gym or with friends. OR i am sleeping. so really, i haven't taken many pictures, or enough to write about in my day. but enough excuses, i'll post more about my daily life ASAP! 

in the mean time, here's something for you, my dinner yesterday. i got home from the gym, and since my whole family {besides Malia who i picked up from work} was gone, mom left us 2 giftcards to Zupas so we ate there for dinner! what sweet sweet parents i have

i DO have plans for the rest of the week, {since tomorrow is my last day of work, YIPEE!} so you are guaranteed some good posts/pictures real soon! as for now, i'm off to paint my room with my mother + Malia. THAT is a post you should be looking forward to my friends.


  1. Glad to see you got new running shoes. The Moab Half Marathon is less than a year away!

  2. loving your outfit!


  3. LOVE the pants! Such a nice colour!!