Sunday, July 15, 2012

EFY 2012

EFY this year was life changing. every year i go it just gets better and better! every single year my group and i get closer and closer! and i have always had amazing counselers. i love everything about EFY. i have never met someone who has been to EFY who hasn't loved it! i learned so much at EFY this year, my testimony was strengthened so much i can't even believe it. i love these kind of experiences and sometimes i wish EFY lasted for a whole month.
i don't want to give you every SINGLE detail about EFY, so i will summarize for you instead
after getting up to the U of U and checking in, we got settled in our rooms, met our groups + companies, and had orientation! we met the director learned the rules of EFY, ate dinner, and had devotional! lights out was at 10:30. okay... lights OUT was at 10:30 but that doesn't necessarily mean Briana and i went to bed at that time :) haha we stayed up WAY past then every night talking!

devotional, breakfast, gospel study, morning side, and classes! {yes, we obviously have a lot of lessons and scripture study at EFY} but i love it!

also tuesday night was the dance! which was SO fun. nothing beats an EFY dance
same as every morning, but instead of classes we had an awesome missionary experience. we learned about how to teach the gospel to others so when/if we serve missions we will have a better understanding of how to do it!

vegetarian meal for 2 please? not going to lie. not eating meat while at EFY was definitely a challenge. luckily Kenzie doesn't either so we were able to 'suffer' through together :) 

also wednesday night was GAME NIGHT. we make banners, cheers, and compete with other teams in a bunch of games. 

after game night we had pizza night! girls only. boys only. this is the night that some serious boy talk comes about. COWS anyone? {crush of the week}

pizza, candy, ice cream, soda, 12 girls, + 1 wacky counselor = SO MUCH FUN

or in other words: fancy spiritual day. thursday is the day where everyone is in church clothes, and it is a very spiritual/emotional day. we go to a bunch of lessons, and at the end of the day we have the musical program, a fireside, and also testimony meeting! such an amazing day

the same routine in the morning, then in the afternoon we did a service project, took pictures with our group, and later that night we had our last dance! gotta love the dances at EFY baby
get ready for a picture OVERLOAD
 meet my counselor: Whitney. she is amazing. AMAZING

isn't he hot? Jonah Egbert everyone. what a babe. {just sayin}

 meet my boy counselor: Josh. i swear this man is the next prophet

 he's hot too eh? confession! here is my COW everyone. Adam Jorgensen

here is justiz. yes, briana picked him up..... no comment

 I LOVE EFY!!!! i am SO SAD that this was my last year, but it was so much fun. i have never been so close to my company. we were all best friends and i absolutely loved it! and yes. i still plan on being a counselor when i am older.


  1. I strongly approve of your COW ;) Definitely a cutie!! So happy you enjoyed yourself at EFY!!!

  2. cute! love your outfits and i can't wait to go to EFY in a couple weeks!