Monday, July 23, 2012

i am ALIVE!

i hate to say it, but i have been having SO MUCH FUN here in Seattle that i have completely forgotten about my blog. i haven't had a care in the world while i have been up here. we have been having the greatest time here and i just don't want to leave!

it is so sad to think i only have 5 more days left with my best friend. 5 more days, then a whole lot of missing each other lots and lots until we reunite again. i love spending time with Briana, Mackenzie and Malia. we have so much fun all together and i don't even want to THINK about not being together next saturday when Malia and i leave.

don't expect to hear from me until i am home... and don't think i will be blogging when i get home saturday night either. i'll be spending time with this handsome fella

have a fabulous week everyone! i'll be spending mine with my favorite people, poolside.

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  1. Well, well, well... stories about your trip and an upcoming date! I can't wait!