Friday, October 5, 2012

10 things

1)  before i forget any longer, i would like to give my mom a little shout-out. yes i know it was Saturday mom, but i technically was the first kid to wish you happy birthday in person, so it's okay right?

anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you are the greatest, loving, most patient, willing mom, anyone could ask for! i love you so much! i don't know what i would do without you. so glad we got to celebrate your 40th with frozen yogurt at Farrs and a fabulous surprise party! i love you mom :)

2)  so i guess we are getting pretty excited over here in the Horton home. seeing as we leave for Disneyland in TWO DAYS!!! we can't sit still, and it is all we ever talk about! Wednesday after school i even took the little girls to the Disney store just so we could get even more excited :)

one more day of school {well, 2 periods. since i am home right now.... during 2nd period... muahaha} and we are off to Cali for a week!!

3) Wednesday night i had a photo shoot with a blogger named Ashley! she is a makeup artist and professional photographer and she was kind enough to take my pictures AND do my makeup! she is seriously amazing i tell you

Ashley is still editing the pictures, so i don't have them all back yet, {soon my friends, soon} but i thought i would give you a little preview of her amazing skills!

4)  last night was the LAST Orem VS Mountain View football game i will ever go to as a senior in high school! which is actually super weird to think about and pretty dang sad. even though we lost to Orem, the game was wonderful. and of course us Bruins still have our Bruin pride! our boys played great!

5)  last night after i got home from the game, i had SO much homework it was overwhelming. i was up until 2 writing papers and doing tests, so i skipped going to the hospital + second period this morning. so now, i just have to last 2 more periods and hello weekend!
6)  i have an upgrade for my phone tomorrow. goodbye cracked iphone, it was nice havin you but you are welcome to get the heck out! haven't decided yet if i want the iphone 4S {the cheap way to go} or splurge for the 5. we'll see
7)  this Saturday + Sunday is General Conference. i can't WAIT. i love when i get to hear the prophets speak to us and give us counsel. they are amazing men and women of the church. watch the video about General Conference HERE

8)  my body is so sore i can hardly walk. in case you wanted to know
9)  i really can't decide what to be for halloween!! if anyone has any great ideas, i would love to hear them. i need all the help i can get.
10)  shout-out to myself for reaching 100 blog followers! hip hip, hooray! thank you all :)

happy Friday everyone! have a good weekend, and you better spend most of it the right way... watching conference ;)


  1. Congrats on reaching 100 followers. I can't wait to hear all about your Disneyland experience. Wahoo! Oh, and I REALLY want to hire Ashley to do my pictures. You are GORG!

  2. those photos look gorgeous!! love them...i also have a questions, how did you get your buttons from other people on the right hand side to be so close to each other??

  3. Hey! I found your blog through Deidre Miller's blog and the free giveaway and I absolutely love our watch and I was wondering what kind of watch it is! :)