Monday, October 1, 2012

a jumpsuit

 jumpsuit: target {for $5. apparently i'm the only one who adores it}, shoes: F21, shrug: Old Navy

this weekend went by WAY too fast. Saturday night i am laying in bed and realize that 75% of my weekend was work time, 5% gym time, 10% family and friends time, and that it was quickly slipping away! i spent all day Sunday with my fam. we ate lots of Cookie Butter together {our obsession}. Sunday's are definitely one of my top favorite days of the week. so relaxing... i love it. it's so nice to have a day of rest i tell you.
{the following sentence is repeated TOO MUCH

this week is a busy one. 

but seriously, it is. i work everyday {that's what you get with bosses as parents} i'm swarmed with homework, gotta get in my gym time, throw in a couple hours of sleep, AND add in the family + friends time. plus adding in the blog world {which is honestly a full time job lately.} and and and.... gotta pack for Disneyland! pretty much just thrilled that this is my last stressful week before a vay-cay!
oh, and may i say, HAPPY OCTOBER! i am not the #1 fan of this month, but i'm not lying when i say i love cracking out my fall clothes while drinking some hot apple cider. the Halloween part aint so bad either :) i did go to my first haunted house on Saturday night... {my FIRST!} and although i was expecting worse, that thing was freakin' scary. Meg's arm is probably way bruised from me gripping on it... 

coming soon: all about my internship at the hospital!

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  1. Oh darling, you ain't the only one who adores that jumpsuit. I wish I could pull those off. I don't think I'm skinny enough! lol. Anyways, I'm glad Sunday was great! I want to try some Cookie Butter. I don't even know what that is! Excited to hear about your internship! Whoop!

    Amanda @