Tuesday, October 2, 2012

this stuff is dangerously delicious

many people have been asking about this fabulous stuff called Cookie Butter! Cookie Butter was introduced to my family by our cousins... the Anderson's. it is only sold at Trader Joes {which happens to be coming to SLC!} and our cousins were nice enough to bring us down 10 jars for future use. 

We had Cookie Butter with-drawls from having it 24/7 when we were in Washington, to not having it at all, so before they brought the 10 jars down, my detective of a mother was on the search and found this stuff called Biscoff! Biscoff has all the same ingredients and tastes the exact same! so now you can experience this magical stuff too!

i THANK THE HEAVENS that this stuff isn't too bad for you. i mean, it's not great, but it's not terrible. it doesn't have hardly any sugar, which is good. i consider it a nice little treat on the occasion {when i don't over do it}. Biscoff and Cookie Butter also have all the same nutrition facts!

Biscoff is sold at Maceys + Winco {maybe more stores, but that's where we have found it!} 

my families favorite things to have it on: 
wheat toast + Biscoff + Nutella --- wheat toast + Biscoff + raspberry jam --- pancakes + Biscoff --- and my all time favorite... {if you're gonna have a treat.. make it a good one} COOKIES + Biscoff/Cookie Butter. cause that's what Cookie Butter was made for.... right?

you will love this stuff. you can thank me later! :)


  1. My family is ALL about the Biscoff. They have Biscoff cookies on Delta flights. And my mom special orders boxes for the house.

  2. This is awesome! I cannot wait to try this!

  3. I WILL be trying this! I'm so excited to go get some. I think I would probably just scoop it out of the dang container! Whoops.

    amanda @ weandserendipity