Saturday, February 9, 2013

10 things, from yours truly

 sparkle shirt: Jcrew, pants: Old Navy, boots: Santa; Christmas, jewelry: Nordstrom // Soel

1)  this shirt was $100 and i got it for $11. can we get a round of applause for keena?
2)  gorgeous Sydney Bruning took her life on Thursday night. i didn't know Sydney well, but we knew each other. she went to PG high school, and was an amazing dancer on the dance team. Sydney and i shared the same birthday and i remember texting each other wishing a happy birthday last May. your family is in my prayers cute Syd. half of Orem dressed up for you on Friday, you will be missed ♥
3)   i got asked to Orem's sweethearts, and we had our day date last night! a group of 6 girls // 6 boys; no specific dates! which so far, is actually really fun. we went to Pizza Factory {after they were closed} and made pizzas! so much fun! and tonight is the dance. 6 dates aint' so bad when you have 6 to dance with. boo-yah
4)  i finally saw Les Mis! FINALLY. it only took me 2 months! Chris and i agreed there was a whole lot of singing but then we remembered it was a musical. Marius? you are very attractive. and that movie was VERY well made
5)  i also got asked to MV's sweethearts, by Josh Sueldo! it's next Saturday and i can't wait!
6)  Briana was in Utah for a total of 40 minutes on Thursday for her layover on the way to Florida {for cheer nationals.} do i wish i could have seen her for 40 minutes? YESSSS
7)  i am now addicted to Gossip Girl. it takes over all my free time and i am totally okay with it
8)  mom and i are doing a 15 minute {which is actually WAY hard for just 15 minutes} workout video for 30 days. we were going to do it 30 consecutive days until we remembered we still have to walk. my legs right now? HOLY SORE
9)  i made more protein pancakes this morning. this time added a few things, such as a banana. heaven i'm telling you
10)  Valentines day is this week! Kaylee is my valentine and we plan to see 'Safe Haven' together as single best friends. but isn't that one of the best ways to spend V-day? with a best friend stuffing our faces with chocolate. **i say one of the best ways, because we all know i'm just "convincing" myself that it's the best way

happy Saturday!

xoxo, gossip girl

..... just kidding ;)


  1. gossip girl. SO GOOD! and I also have the same valentines day plans with my friends. Its fine.

  2. No way! Virtual round of applause coming your way ; ) This outfit is so darling, and I love your lipstick color choice too.