Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 things. welcome march!

 shirt: Target, sweater: XX1, pants: Old Navy, boots: Christmas, hat: Christmas

hello hello! sorry it's been over a week since i have posted anything. the truth is, there haven't been many pictures taken, or extravagant things happening {not that you NEED extravagant things to happen to blog}that i felt blog worthy. but now that it's march i figured i should post something!

1)  it's march. HOW WEIRD IS THAT? i'm honestly thrilled. mostly because March has brought sunshine {so far.}
2)  my cousin is coming to visit me in 17 days. SEVENTEEN. haven't seen that girl since November. seeing her is long overdue
3)  the juniors of Mountain View High School took the ACT today. ahhhh brings back memories of this time last year. painful memories. of taking that ACT. no, i will not be taking that thing again. ever again. 
4)  since the juniors took the ACT, sophomores + seniors had the day off. that meant a late Monday night and a day of sleeping in! except i had work this morning...
5)  so i have shin splints. and i hate it. i only have it on my left leg, but it seriously WON'T GO AWAY. i have tried everything. it has made me limp, and not be able to exercise as well {or often} which is really starting to make me mad! it's been a week full of "what the heck happened to you? quit limping?" and i have just about had it.
6)  the Bachelor 3 hour finale is next Monday. and after watching the women tell all with my girl friends last night {cookies, popcorn, ice waters, blankets, a warm fire, and friends. find me a better combination} we can't WAIT to see who Sean chooses! {i'm rooting for Catherine.}
7)   mom + dad announced that we will be flying to Seattle in May for my cousins wedding. this wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that my whole family has never been on an airplane. EVER.
8)  both my grandpa & great grandma were put in the hospital this past week. grandpa had heart surgery and grandma broke her arm. last night was quite the family reunion with almost 30 people visiting them both at once! perks of having them be 2 doors apart. lots of visitors :)
9)  i got my hair done on Saturday. fixing those roots back to blonde always puts a smile on my face!
10)  as number 10 i'll post this blooper pic, that is too great not to show!

and thank you Malia for capturing that beautiful moment.

happy Tuesday! and welcome March! i am very very glad you are here.


  1. Cute outfit! Dang girl. Shin splints. Before walking a long distance, running, or working out, do the cursive ABC's with your feet three times each!! You won't get them. it even helps when you already have shin splints. I've missed yah!

  2. Freaking love your outfit. And can't believe you've never been on a plane....you're going to love IT!!!

  3. Love the neon sweater! So cute, especially in winter!


  4. Hi Keena! Following you from Jessica @NC Grown page since she linked up with my 'I love our sponsors' link up (http://www.mostlyhappenstance.com/2013/03/atypical-sponsor-love.html). I can't wait to get to know you better!

  5. such a cute sweater!! Love the neon