Sunday, April 28, 2013

MV Prom 2013

let me just start off this post by saying i got the best date of them all. i don't know how i got that lucky, but i did! and he is amazing. let me ALSO say this dance topped them all. i have been to lots of fun dances, and this one was the most creative, thought out, fun dance i have ever been to! {+ i got to have Mia there! my bestie! her first dance, and i got to be there.}

let's just say, yesterday was the BEST. DAY. EVER.

Saturday morning we started off with a day date at 11. we went to Walmart and got a BUNCH of nasty food {plus they already had a ton!} then met the whole group at the park for a massive food fight! which turned out to be really fun. i was hesitant at first but letting my anger out by throwing ketchup / raw meat / cream of corn {threw a whole bunch of that at Tyler... hehe} / flour / syrup... etc. at everyone was actually SO FUN.

and to "hose off" the food, we had a massive slip n' slide {with shaving cream!}

after 3 showers and washing my hair twice AND bathing in perfume {not really. but i thought i would have to seeing how much ketchup was in my hair!} Mia and i got ready! we dragged it out during the day, and even had our cousins help us while watching chick flicks.

the boys picked Mia and i up at our house at around 6:30 {IN A LIMO. so cool.} and we had boutineer and corsage exchange + couple pictures by the parents, of course

and having the cousins wish us a good time! sending us off to prom

pictures were next! Tyler's mom took our group pictures {lots!} and i will show those soon. but Alex took some for us at the picture location!

dinner was at the Communal in Provo {which our limo took us to! took us anywhere and everywhere, all night long baby! what a dream.} which was delicious! the dance was at a place in Lindon, which ended up being pretty cool, mostly because of everything that was surrounding it. we spent about 20 minutes inside total, and other then that, Tyler and i walked around outside with Mia + Alex, exploring and having our own slow dances/songs.

after the dance we headed up to a cabin, watched a movie, and relaxed. which was THE best.

prom over all? magical. i can't even tell you. obviously i may sound all *dramatic* and *lovey-dovey* but i could care less because it was the greatest night in the world! every moment was perfect with Tyler and i want to re-live every second of it.

more to come about senior prom when i get the professional pictures


  1. Holy cow you and Mia look AMAZING!! It looks like you guys had such a great time.

  2. gorgeous, modest, beautiful, skinny ladies! :)) So glad you had fun!

  3. So gorgeous! You look so happy :)

  4. Ok best day activity EVER. Oh my gosh I'm jealous. You looked absolutely beautiful and I loove the way you/your cousins did your hair and make-up.