Thursday, April 25, 2013


the past 2 days have been amazing. nobody can take this smile off my face! life is simply wonderful. there have been ups and downs this week, and things that haven't worked out too well. but i have looked past the downs, and figure they will work out themselves. spending time with Tyler is what makes me the happiest, and makes me smile the most. and now that we do spend more and more time together, i realize it's what i have been needing the very most in life! someone to listen to me, care about me, want to spend time with me, and someone i can confide in. it's perfection, and i am smitten ♥


  1. ohhh dear. Please tell me more. I LOVE this! haha! Love that you're smitten!!

  2. Smitten and beautiful!! Hope next week is better!

  3. Beautiful pics! Oh girl I LOVE being smitten. <3