Friday, May 10, 2013

five things overthought

1)  School. because i am sooooooo done with it. i am done with grades. i am done with homework. i am done with tests. i have 10 school days left, can i do it? i am honestly not sure i can at this point. *insert gun emoji here*
2)  Tyler. because i love nothing more than spending every single second possible with him
3)  Seattle. a vacation is long overdue and very much needed. 3 weeks from today i will be there. at the wedding, with my favorite people, enjoying the sunshine {please be sunshine!! crossing my fingers for a small amount of rain. that pool in their backyard is calling my pale body's name.}
4)  Gossip Girl. i have just started season 4. am i obsessed? maybe....
5)  Graduation. because i can't believe it is finally almost here

happy friday! ive been looking forward to this weekend since Monday morning.... literally. just kidding! it's actually been a pretty good week. i just have major senioritis. can you tell? :)


  1. You have to tell me where that top is from RIGHT NOW. You are too cute. And I love how much you love your boy. I should write about mine more often. <3

  2. Beautiful pictures and congrats on almost graduating!
    New follower from the Baylee Jae Blog! Looking forward to your next post!