Monday, May 13, 2013

to the best mom in the whole wide world

 ^^^ this is why i love my mom. because we laugh way too much together to even get a cute smiling picture.

mom is one of my very best friends, and out of all people in this world, she is there for me the very most. she does whatever she needs to for our family, and is always willing to do anything for any of us even if it is inconvienent to her.

i have never met a more patient and loving person, as my mom. i have also never met someone who has the motivation to workout like she does, and the greatest story teller of all time. she is there for me when i need advice, and she always wants to hear what is going on my life. there are not many moms who try and stay involved with their kids lives, and always welcome in any friends, but she somehow perfects it.

so here's to the mom with the BEST cookies and dinner recipes {seriously, if you haven't tried them, sorry but you are missing out} in the whole wide world, and the woman i hope to be someday.

i love you mom!

i gave mom a picture {^^^ that picture} framed in a cute black frame, and a 2 page long letter about my love and appreciation for her. it was nothing big, but since it made her cry {aaaalottttt} i would say job well done. i don't know how i was lucky enough to be given the best mom in the world, but i did.

love you mom, never forget it.

hope you all had a great mothers day as well! and showed the love you have for mothers. not only your mom, but grandmothers, aunts, cousins {who are moms....} and even friends moms. moms are the greatest thing that happen to any of us. i think everyone can agree that moms are the best.


  1. You are right about your mom Keena! She is pretty incredible and blesses so many of our lives! I am blessed to have her as a sister too.