Sunday, May 19, 2013

I AM ALIVE {manti with Tyler}

it has been quite the week. i have barely had time to sleep let alone blog. not that i been swamped with school work but just that there has been lots going on! it's the time of year when there is never a dull moment. i have also been studying for my state tests and making sure everything is set for graduation. this week is my last week of high school ever. which is really sad. i am making the best of every moment, which is why i haven't blogged all week!

the boys had 2 soccer games this week for state playoffs. we won the first in Logan, and *sadly* lost the second in Bountiful in double over time + PK's. Han and i supported both games even though it meant 3 hour drives both ways and a windy cold game. i am so sad it's over!

MORP {the last dance of my high school experience} was yesterday, and i asked Tyler. Tyler had a wedding in Manti that morning {which is 2 hours away} and he wouldn't be able to go to the day date we had planned. the Peery's were spending Friday night in Manti, and because Tyler's mom felt bad he couldn't go, she invited me to the wedding.

we headed down on Friday and enjoyed every minute together + with his family ♥

Friday night Tyler and i explored the city together. out walking in the dark and it starts pouring rain, so we found ourselves in a McDonalds warming up // drying off + enjoying hot fudge sundaes at midnight. ironic how we chose to eat ice cream while freezing and wet... it was a YOLO kind of night

the wedding was Saturday morning at the Manti temple. i had never even seen this temple before, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Tyler's mom is a photographer, and took a bunch of pictures for us! his dad and brother decided to join too. and it was also very windy. long hair + wind.... yeah no good :) let's just say we tried our hardest in these pictures.

luckily Tyler and i were able to make it back for the dance, which i have pictures of! and i have a pretty low key week this week so i promise to blog more + share all other pictures i have.

my birthday is also this Friday, i will finally be 18! and i can't wait to celebrate :)

tonight i also have seminary graduation {HOW CRAZY IS THAT. life is moving too fast!} which i am speaking at. which means i should probably prepare my talk now... happy sunday!

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  1. That's so exciting! You and your boyfriend make one REALLY cute pair ;) have fun this week!!! I wish I could go back and relive that week last year, it was the best!