Wednesday, May 29, 2013

lagoon today

today was lagoon day! and BOY was it fun. i love lagoon! and i have only been there once, so i loved going again! Tyler and i even took the plunge and went on the skycoaster. the scariest, yet funnest ride ever! it was basically skydiving, or bungee jumping, or a mix. we got dropped in the air and it was the funnest thing ever!

+ we went on Wicked. which is also super fun! i mean, lagoon is no Disneyland, but it's as good as Utah supplies us with, right?

also this week:

family nights at the park with the Horton clan

 and a date night to the lift with some good friends on a night with a full moon

and tomorrow i graduate high school. which is SO WEIRD.

i am also flying out to Seattle tomorrow at 4 with the fam. i may be a little absent from my blog these next couple days because i will be having some wedding fun with my cousins!

much love, this is the last time i will blog as a senior in high school. crazy


  1. i saw you at lagoon! you were about to get on for spider, and i wanted to say hi to you so bad. i saw you and started jumping up and down. p.s you are gorgeousss. wow.

  2. Just discovered your blog and I am seriously loving it. You are a DOLL!

  3. Soooo congratulations on graduating high school! That is amazing. I LOVE the skycoaster & think this boy and you look very good together. Just sayin?


  4. your hair in the lagoon picture look sooo cute!

  5. THat looks like some awesome fun!!

  6. Wicked is the best! My favorite ride at Lagoon by far. I'm jealous you tried out Skycoaster, I've been wanting to do that one for so long.

    Congrats about graduating by the way!