Tuesday, May 28, 2013

18th birthday

my 18th birthday was amazing. i had the greatest day ever with my friends and family, and they all went above and beyond to celebrate with me! and now i'm an adult. which is crazy

so sorry i haven't posted this until now. i've been finishing celebrating... {not really, we just haven't had internet at the Horton home for a few days! due to a cut cord... oops!}

celebrating started off with dinner with the fam. for our birthdays we choose where we would like to have dinner, and i chose Malawis! i heard they have amazing pizza, so i knew we should try it out.
 ^^^ spinach asparagus pesto chicken pizza. to die for.

we had homemade pumpkin bars for dessert. my mom makes the best desserts ever.
mom and dad let me open my presents the night before! and even my cute girl Ky got me some body wash and Quince got me a necklace. they are adorable.
 ^^^ and i got Safe Haven! i LOVE THAT MOVIE.

mom and dad also spoiled me with a brand new laptop! which i am SO GRATEFUL for! i definitely need one for college next year, and it is the perfect fit. it's even touch screen! Tyler named it Joe. and we were all loving taking pictures on the new camera

Mia took me to breakfast, {and luckily let me know in advance so i didn't have to look like i just rolled out of bed!} we ate at Kneaders; which i absolutely love!

school was fabulous because it was my ONE day i didn't have finals, hallelujah!

after school, lunch with friends and sno-cones in provo!
^^^ Bransons epic fail at picture taking.

so we tried again... by ourselves... in Meggies car

Tyler came over, and boy did he spoil me.

he has been spending weeks on my gift. since Tyler is an artist, he drew me a picture. but not just any picture! it's a drawing of all of our memories // inside jokes. how cute is that? we have some really awesome memories together and we love to laugh. COULD HE BE CUTER?

he even put our picture in the middle from when we went to Manti
 ^^^ SO CUTE. trust me, i was dying.

Tyler also spoiled me with hot pink Nike 5's, and a red hot chile peppers CD. which is his favorite band, and the song we had our first kiss to. {too much information? oops. but it's kindaaaa romantic right?}

he took me to Cheesecake Factory {my first time!} and to the drive in movie {also my first time!} and it was the best night ever.

it gave prom a run for it's money, that's for sure

my 18th was one of the best yet, thanks to everyone who made it that way :)

xo, keen the 18 year old!

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  1. That looks like a really awesome birthday, like you got spoiled on every side! I love the pictures of you with all your younger siblings crowding around--I'm the oldest of seven kids, so it reminds me quite a bit of my own family!