Saturday, June 15, 2013

adventures in seattle // part two

well, I am home! we got back yesterday afternoon after the wonderful 2 week vacation. it was super relaxing and we had so much yummy food, it was awesome. week two of seattle was great! we did lots of fun things and loved all the time we had together with our families!

lots of swimming, of course. because who wouldn't want to get some sun in the pool and relax there all day long. THAT, was the best. + jumping off the rocks and going down the slide? sooooo fun.

one of our last days, we also went to an amusement park. it was acutally a pretty sad excuse for one... it was half waterpark half amusement park and the rides were.... okay. we also got rained out at the end... quite the adventure!
 ^^^ we're on a rollercoaster... weeeeeeee!

we also headed into the city {they live in Sammamish which is 30 minutes away from Seattle} one day and went to the EMP museum, and out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants there, called Din Tai Fung. they have some seriously amazing dumplings there

and, to finish off the time we had, Briana's high school graduation. so fun to be able to see my babe graduate! BYU HERE WE COME

she also had a HUGE party for graduation, + I attended her seminary graduation

I miss the beautiful city of Seattle already! but it's good to be home.

I missed tyler {obviously...} and it's definitely good to be back with him. Briana is also coming back down next week, before we head to NYC for our senior trip! love that we can spend so much time together now!

happy Saturday! I am heading to Summerfest with the rest of Orem. gotta love those fireworks!


  1. I am seriously so jealous. It looks like you guys had so much fun and you are tan babes in every photo!

  2. first off, you are absolutely stunning.
    second, I just came across your blog and am loving it!
    i'm excited to follow along.
    bailey @