Wednesday, June 12, 2013

just bragging about a boy

I just need to talk about this for a second. I just need to brag about this cute boy named tyler. because I have never had someone care about me this much. and I have never  M I S S E D  someone this much.

tyler sent me off to Seattle with a bag full of envelopes. {HOW CUTE is that. seriously} there was a letter for everyday I am gone. I have opened one every morning, and every letter makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world. it's the cutest thing, knowing he stayed up way later than he shouldn't have the night before graduation, to write me a letter for everyday I am gone. precious.

I miss him more than anything. and like I mentioned HERE, we have been on the phone quite a bit. skyping, and seeing his face on that computer screen... oh I can't even tell you the joy I felt! I didn't think it would be so hard to be away from someone for 2 weeks. and thinking about these 2 weeks, and comparing them to the 2 YEARS he will be gone for a mission.... that just makes me sick.

he's the cutest. and I am bragging because he's all mine ♥


  1. Well, tell us more? I'm in love with this.

  2. Oh my gosh, you are TOO CUTE haha.