Monday, June 10, 2013

adventures in seattle // part one

we have been having so much fun together as cousins in seattle! it has been sunny {surprisingly} all week long and we have honestly spent almost everyday laying out in the sunshine. nothing better though... right?

somehow every summer we come up here the sun comes with us! we haven't really seen the rainy + cloudy seattle that they get year round. so thank you sun, for following us up to WA.

we even spent a day at the lake with our families, which is basically a beach! reading on the dock and getting a tan/sunburn. perfection.

we also spent a day at Pikes Place Market; an every year tradition! Pikes is a fish market, with a bunch of little side shops. we walk the market and get freshly baked doughnuts.

 ^^^ sugar lips from doughnuts! kissy kissy, muah

below Pikes Place is the ever so famous seattle G U M  W A L L - which is actually really, really cool. we went last year, and I have yet to even put gum on it! I always forget... dang it.
 ^^^ the fam! minus dad. who stayed for 5 days {for the wedding} and left to go back to work. miss you dad

one day after laying out for the entire day, we headed to a local farmers market in Sammamish to get snowies. it was the perfect little place with even a live band!

also just spending lots of family time. it's been awesome having all my little cousins running around and playing together. so fun that lots of the family got to come up here for the wedding!

what an awesome week last week was! and this week has brought lots of fun moments too! {more to come, of course} having so much fun up here :)

and although I miss my boy Ty like crazy {to be honest, at least 2 phone calls a day and or skyping has been going on. yeah I miss him okay? }, i'm spending every minute I can with my favorite people in the world. we leave on Friday so we are making every moment count!

more to come of our fun times in WA!


  1. That looks like so much fun! And I love the public market, especially when they toss the fishy.

  2. You are making me homesick!! I love the Andersons! I grew up in Sammamish and LOVE laying out on the dock!! :) Enjoy your time there! <3