Sunday, October 20, 2013

i know it. i live it. i love it.

^^^ taken General Conference weekend. temples are insanely beautiful.^^^

i am a Mormon. i absolutely love The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. i don't talk too much about this, but it's a big part of who i am and what i believe. because The Church is such a big part of who i am, i want to share it with everyone. it has made my life wonderful and i want it to bless others lives as much as it has blessed mine. the Gospel has helped me grow, i want to share it with the world

earlier this year i thought about serving a Mission. it was always in the back of my mind and something i thought about quite a bit. after i got at job at the SHC i also got the opportunity to work at the MTC, and seeing all the missionaries there really makes me realize how real a mission is, and how happy the missionary work makes me! i also started dating Tyler, who is extremely excited to serve his own mission. 

anyways, after praying for months about what to do, i decided 

i am serving a mission.

i will be turning in my papers January 25, 2014 and i couldn't be more excited :) the giddiness gets to me every single day, and even though i just started school at BYU, there is nothing i want more then to drop everything and serve the Lord for 18 months. 

so there you have it.
the future Sister Horton! (the sound of that..... i can't even wait.)


  1. AHHH!!! That's SO exciting!! :)

  2. Such a cute and simple post! I'm sure you will be awesome!!!!

  3. YAY!!! im turning mine in on January 26!!! :)

  4. That's so awesome! My little sister just left on her mission in July and the blessings and the strength she has gained from serving for just a short while has been tremendous! You will do great!

  5. Yay so exciting!!! Happy for you :)

  6. Exciting!!! Congrats Keena!!!

  7. You are so inspiring! And never ever be ashamed to share the gospel, because as long as it is important to you people with respect that. Plus you've already got em listening:) Love your blog Keena!