Monday, October 21, 2013

october the 20

yesterday was this handsome elder's farewell talk. he did an amazing job and i swear every woman in the room was in tears... (even my mom! THAT'S how good of a job he did.) he is going to be one awesome missionary and i can't wait to see him succeed :) i am extremely proud of you, my love.


  1. Oh Keena...such a bittersweet time for you right now! It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at Jeff's farewell. Our advice to you (& Tyler)...write ALOT but, stay focused. Writing letters is such a good way to communicate and you really learn a lot about each other. We avoided saying 'I miss you', we knew we missed each other more then anything but avoiding that seemed to make things a little easier. Some months are long and some fly by so the end it is worth it!! Love you!

  2. you guys really are adorable! darling couple thats for sure!
    ps. anyone ever tell you that you look like lucy hale? probably 50 times.... hahha