Saturday, November 2, 2013

the good // the bad

the good
+ i'm doing better than i thought. i mean, i am a wreck. but it could be worse.
+ i love that i am close with Tyler's fam.
+ everyone has been so kind to me since tyler has left. SO many people have texted, called, visited me and even made me treats. i am not even the one leaving, but those close to me (well, and i guess if you follow me on any social media) know how i feel about Tyler. it's nice to know i have amazing friends and family.
+ mia and i slept over in my tiny little dorm room bed. i love her
+ christian (Tyler's brother) and i have been keeping each other doing okay, which is really nice.
+ i wrote my first letter + sent it

the bad
+ i cry at the most random times
+ 730 days seems like... a lot
+ i usually work in the health center, but thursday (out of ALL DAYS) they switched me to work in the MTC... the day after Tyler headed there. what are the odds. there was like a 5% chance of me actually seeing Elder Peery, so i wasn't too worried, but it still freaked me out that he would walk in to get his shots.
+ it has been a very rough 3 days.

hello november! you have no idea how happy i am that you are here.

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  1. The nice part about right now is at least the holidays will keep you very busy!! I drove past the MTC and saw Jeff one time it was nice but it almost made it harder. It gets better once there are out in the field!! Keep smiling.