Wednesday, November 6, 2013

to remember

image via here // a blog with the BEST quotes.

i have constantly kept these words from our sweet Prophet, President Monson, in mind this past week. as Tyler leaving on his mission is so hard because of the separation, it is SUCH a wonderful thing for him and every persons life he is blessing. 

whenever i feel upset and sad, and realize i miss him so much already, i remember the big picture and how lucky Elder Peery is to be able to bring people to the Gospel. he amazes me. and he makes me want to serve a mission more and more every single day as i read his letters // emails. 

i can't wait to be out there serving like he is. i can't wait to bless lives of so many! the battle of separation for 730 days is going to be challenging. but in the long run, it's not too long at all.

 but hey! i made it a week. 3 cheers for keen! here's to 103 more

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