Thursday, January 9, 2014

a winter wonderland

during the holidays my cousins and i decided to have a photo shoot together! cute girl named Mila took these gorgeous pictures for us. and even though it was probably 5 degrees outside, we loved every minute of getting these cute pics taken. i will cherish these forever! i love these ladies.

one of my favorite things has always been pictures in the snow. the lighting is ALWAYS perfect and the white is just too pretty! i know i may sound crazy, but i love the snow. i haven't always, but this year as we have gotten aaaa lootttttt i have really come to appreciate it and love how beautiful it is! even when i am trudging to class in 2 feet of it! i'm a fan of winter now. as crazy as i may be. 

sorry i have been MIA this week! that's what happens when i endure a new semester with 5 crazy hard classes. (really though. SO HARD.) but i love it. and i love my new classes! but i can definitely say i am super happy tomorrow is friday. woo hoo! XO

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