Monday, January 20, 2014

how i feel about my life right now

there is nothing i can complain about, and i have been feeling extremely blessed lately. i feel the need to express my happiness and gratitude for everything that is surely blessing my life lately!

i am going to school at an amazing university that i have always wanted to attend. it's always been my dream & now i am here!
i have awesome girl friends and roommates who i love to hang out with and be around.
my mission papers are being turned in shortly and i have the opportunity to serve an LDS mission.
i have a wonderful family who is nothing but supportive and loving.
my love and best friend Elder Tyler Peery is currently serving a mission in AZ and is starting to loooveeee it.
i was born with a healthy body. i can exercise and run and lift weights.... and WALK. not everyone gets that chance.
i have a job that i LOVE. i get to work with missionaries and be a nurses aide. what's better? i love working.
Tyler is nothing but loving and supporting of me even from Arizona. he is perfect to me and my whole world.
i love all of my new classes at BYU... lots more than i did last semester. anatomy is brutal but seriously awesome.

life is good. life is great. life is absolutely wonderful. and i feel blessed every single day to be given the life i have been!

cheers to a brand new week and a fresh start to a busy schedule. life couldn't be more perfect :) xx


  1. Girl You are stunning! I've been a fellow blog and insta stalker for a while now and I always just admire you for your optimism! You'll be an outstanding missionary no doubt! Please share your story of the deciding point that you WERE GOING on a mission! I'd love to hear it, because I'm currently in that position!! :) :) Love you and your adorable blog!!

  2. Your blog is adorable! So are those glasses!
    You have another follower on Blog Lovin'!