Wednesday, January 22, 2014

livin the college life

 just some pictures from my life lately! trying to make lots of good fun college experiences over here :)

^^^ i love my roomies. V {far right} has left for her mission now in Florida... we miss her dearly!^^^

 ^^^ the BEST part of my day. always ^^^

 ^^^ temple time. always amazing! i love the temple.^^^

 ^^^me and my girl ky. love this lady! we have both been sick with a nasty cold as of late. glad i have someone by my side who i adore!^^^

 ^^^ from when Elder Ballard came to dinner :) him, his cute wife, and a member of the 70 + his wife. such an amazing day and one i know my family and i will never forget! {to know more about Elder Ballard and the other members of the 12 apostles, see HERE} ^^^

 ^^^ Tyler's parents gave me this little beaut for Christmas. super cute huh? i am in love with it :) ^^^

^^^ having good college girl friends is seriously awesome. ^^^

^^^ a very blurry and unattractive picture of me and my girl Nan, but i have to document these kind of moments. one of our favorite things to do is stay up suuuupppeeeer late {3.. 4 am late} and watch chick flicks and Netflix series. especially with our other girl friends. theres are the perks of being a college kid my friend... having classes that don't start until 10 or 11 in the morning :) ^^^

^^^ the girls of the 2nd floor in building 25 all hugging our cute RA, Lacy goodbye. she headed on her mission to Washington so we wished her well with a surprise party! we miss her already. ^^^

^^^ Tyler sends me lots of pictures, but this one is one of my favorites. he looks so happy :) i love to see him in front of that gorgeous Gilbert temple. what a handsome lookin missionary! i sure do love him. ^^^

happy wednesday night! i am headed to another mission call opening for another one of my girl friends, miss Kenzie! crazy that we are all getting mission calls at the exact same time. it's so awesome :) life is good, life is beautiful! xx 


  1. So fun! Found you through blog hopping! I live in Arizona. On the other side of the valley from Gilbert though, but that Gilbert temple is so pretty! I get to go see it on Saturday! Love all your pictures! Super cute! (:

    1. awww. thanks love! would you like to follow + button swap while we're at it? haha you're so sweet! xx, keena