Thursday, January 30, 2014

this is what 3 months looks like

nobody will care about these pictures of this cute missionary half as much as i do... but HEY! as of today, January 30, Tyler has been out for 3 months! THREE. 92 days and 1/8 of the way done. it's crazy.

^^^ this was just 2 weeks in. he must have been lovin it already! ;) ^^^

 i am proud of him for everything he has done! he is really loving Arizona. he has loved his companions and people in his district, along with everyone in his zone + the president and his wife! the members feed him well and he loves being on a bike {he had a car for a few weeks and hated it because he didn't feel like a missionary... haha!} he has also been helping out with the temple open house for the new Gilbert temple! he has loved that. Elder Peery i think you are the best lookin missionary in the world.

isn't he handsome? i know, i know. i am so happy we have made it this far :)
keep on preachin T-money. i love you lots kid.

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  1. three months is huge! way to go!
    also, do you watch the bachelor? maybe you need to get together with me and jamie and watch it on the big screen with us every monday! haha!