Tuesday, March 11, 2014

today calls for some uplifting

+ the temple is amazing. i can't wait to go through super soon. i have been trying to go weekly in preparation, and boy do i love it. makes my week just a little bit brighter. annnndddd although that temple picture was taken on a sunday and i wasn't able to go inside, my walk there was beautiful.

+ while at the temple on sunday, i got to see one of my very best friends :) miss megan. or now known as, sister horn. i love her SO MUCH and seeing her there brought me to tears. i have missed her like crazy these past couple months! she inspires me to be great... she was born to be a missionary 

+ remembering this lately. because even though i am looking forward to a lot right now {mainly, my mission} i am trying to remember to live in the moment. because in a few months i know i will look back and miss this.

+ decided i must do what i really don't want to, and take my hair back to it's natural for my mission. i don't want to have to worry about what my hair looks like while i am out serving, so in order to not see some crazy roots, i have to go alllll naturaaalll baby. ill miss you, hair. {but i am keepin you till the last minute. hehe.}

+ mine & tyler's good friend Omar sent me this picture last week that he found on his camera. oh how i miss lake powell... & the summer and general. AND THIS BOY. #takemeback

+ always remembering to laugh more. smile more. and love this beautiful life i have been blessed with.

happy tuesday, friends. although i am swamped with homework and tests + trying to endure these last few weeks of school, i am trying to love it. trying, being the keyword here. i'm just giddy for my mission, and getting things bought and ready to go is making me count down the days even more! xx. ps: i love p-days.


  1. you're adorable! love this post

  2. cheers to going all natural before the mish haha woot woooot :)