Tuesday, July 22, 2014

week 6

HOLA friends and family!

wow it has been quite the week! i am officially in the mission field. right in downtown Toronto. and for those that know NYC... picture that. i am in the straight up ghetto with skyscrapers and all. haha its crazy and nerve-wracking but pretty awesome! we have definitely gotten lost on the subways a LOT. and the buses are quite the adventure. also it has rained a ton. overall its a lot to take in but its been super great!!!

so we left monday morning at 3am, arrived in Toronto around 3pm, then had to wait around for lost baggage. we finally were greeted by our Mission President + wife, the Claytons... plus some AP's! they are awesome! the first night we had dinner, and only 6 of us Sisters got to sleep at the mission home with the Claytons, me and my comp were SO happy we got that opportunity :) the legit old home of the Ballards. pretty cool and so lucky!! Tuesday we got to meet our trainers/new companions. my new comp is Hermana Dudley. she has been out a year and she is so awesome! very obedient and hard working and has already taught me a lot :) our area is called Christie South, its downtown Toronto and one of the few areas with a Spanish ward. yay!!

we live in a little teeny house. we had literally no food all week, so we have survived off of peanut butter toast with raisins.. oatmeal and then some ritz crackers which ended up being full of ants. hahaha YUM! pretty happy we get to go grocery shopping today :) since this area is brand new to Hermana Dudley too, we are "white washing". which means we don't know our way around, don't know any of our investigators, and don't know this area whatsoever! so that has been pretty crazy but we managed to meet a few investigators after enough calling and visiting :)
our investigators: Julio Sandoval, Elizabeth + Claret (she was baptized the day i got here! just gotta convert her mom:), Maria + Esteban (the dad is a less active, we want to convert the mom and son!), and Maria + Alberto (who are now members! they were baptized on Friday! so so great :) and even though we have only taught them once, it was my first baptism here!) we are trying to talk to a lot of people too so we can find even MORE investigators. talking to people is a lot harder than i thought it would be, but i have learned the importance of talking to EVERYONE. and every single person i talk to is from a new country. literally, this city IS the world. so many languages and cultures, i think i have probably only seen 5 "white" people all week. crazy! i already have a list of 20 countries of people i have talked to. (iraq, greece, korea, portugal, italy, bolivia, cuba.... holy.) it makes it a little difficult to find those who speak Spanish but we have faith :)
yesterday was our first day of church here, i didn't understand much (hahaha... straight up gringo) but its okay, i have faith in the gift of tounges :) i did have to bear my testimony... it was great though! the work is hastening here, its amazing. i have tried my hardest to really JUMP IN and work hard. and it is starting to really pay off. and as me and my Hermana are walking the streets of this crazy city while its pouring rain, looking for people to teach, we constantly have a smile on our face as we sing us some Hymns :)
i am alive and safe and working hard! i love you all, thank you for your prayers and encouragement. i have relied so much on my Savior Jesus Christ since i have been here. i know He is there for me and has really helped me out. there have been SO many miracles just since i have been here. the Lord is watching over me, and i couldn't be more grateful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost.
xoxo, Hermana Horton

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