Monday, July 28, 2014

week 7

hola hola hola!

this week was full of miracles. so many that Hermana Dudley and i just couldn't help but tear up as they kept on happening. God is aware of us! and he has prepared many people to hear our message, and put them in our path for us to teach. it is truly amazing. we haven't gotten as lost this week on buses/subways, so we are happy about that :):) oh, also they have some killer mexican food here. BOO YAH.

my favorite miracle of the week. we went to contact a former investigator (in a very sketchy area might i add) named Olivia. we get to her room, and find 2 ladies standing outside talking with her. we all head inside and sit down. the 2 ladies had just come from Mexico, a mom + daughter named Ofelia + Betty. they literally have nothing and have health problems :( ... and Olivia provided them with everything. clothes, food, and an apartment! so amazing. anyways, they have heard all the lessons and right as we sat down they said "oh! you're missionaries! yeah we wanna be baptized as soon as possible!" haha Hermana Dudley and i were like WHAT! woah! so awesome! can't help but thank those missionaries in Mexico who prepared them for us :) so, Sunday comes and we had to get them to church. of course they don't know there way around since they are brand new to here, so we went to get them. they had no bus pass (no job, no money, nothing) and so we tried to dig for enough change but only found enough for 1, $3 bus pass. we walk out of the apartment knowing God would provide a way to get to church. we see a man and ask where the closest ATM is, he asks what we need change for, then pulls out exactly $3!!! i could have burst into tears. such a miracle, Heavenly Father knows and loves us so much. he knew all Ofelia + Betty wanted was to go to church, and he provided a way. missionary work is incredible.

we have found a few new investigators this week which has been a big blessing. Heavenly Father has put several people in our paths. we have about 9 now and we are trying to get them all to progress! also, as missionaries, we teach all 5 lessons now before AND after baptism, so this week we had a lesson with our new recent converts. we had it in the chapel, and even though i could only understand about half of what was going on, the spirit was incredibly strong. i am always so amazed when i can't understand the Spanish but can still feel the spirit and somehow know what is going on, and testify during the lesson. it doesn't always work that way, and i have definitely gotten discouraged this week when i feel like i can't contribute cause i can't understand. but the Lord knows me, and he has helped me every single day. and my Spanish is improving :) i can understand and speak more! now the issue is, just finding those that speak Spanish in this massive city. there is SO much culture here! i haven't met a single American, and probably only 5 Canadians. and every Spanish speaker is from somewhere new too. its crazy!!!

days are long... but probably my favorite part of everyday is personal study :) i have learned so much, especially from the Book of Mormon. it's amazing. i have been focusing a lot on Christ's life and how much he has done for us. haha sometimes i just want to study forever :) but also i love talking to people here, and i love testifying of the restored Gospel. there are so many people we get to talk to everyday it's awesome! even when people refuse to listen, we just tell them God loves them so much :) the work is hastening! i love being a missionary, even on the hard days :) i love you all!

xoxo, Hermana Horton

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