Monday, February 9, 2015

week 35

hello friends and family!

i don't have much time this week but i want to share an incredible experience that happened to me on Saturday. it was such a miracle and has strengthened my testimony of putting our Faith in Jesus Christ SO MUCH.

so i was on exchanges with Sister Mandla, we were in her area (English work! so different. i do know how to teach the Gospel, but its so much harder for me in English now haha #hermanaforlife) but we were still here in Mississauga. we had just finished eating dinner at a Chinese members home, and realized we didn't have anything planned until 8 for our next appointment. Sister Mandla suggested we pray for revelation of someones house we could shovel. (it has been snowing everyday here!) she offered such a fervent and heartfelt faithful prayer, asking Heavenly Father to use us as His hands and find someone who really needs both their snow shoveled, and the Gospel. she also said "we know we can be a miracle in someones life tonight."

we went and knocked on a door, the lady was quite rude and didn't want her driveway shoveled but said maybe the man next door would need it. we knocked, and a young man named Steven (about 25) said he would LOVE our help! what was amazing, was that Steven didn't need his snow shoveled, he needed the GOSPEL. he opened up to us as we were shoveling and told us that he his usually always out on Saturday nights, but he stayed home to find answers from God. his mom passed away 6 years ago, and it has changed his life. he said he had been on YouTube looking for scriptures, and praying all night for something to come from God. and THEN, WE knocked on his door. GOD IS REAL!!! miracles are real <3 i=""> we told him right then that we had prayed to know where Heavenly Father wanted us, and he led us to his home. he started crying! we testified of eternal families and Gods plan for him. the spirit was SO STRONG in that driveway! we even finished by singing "Families can be Together Forever" for him :) it was an incredible experience, something i will never forget. we really are God's hands! and when we put our faith in Jesus Christ, miracles do happen :) this is HIS work, and i feel so blessed to be a part of it to see these incredible answers to prayers in others lives.

transfer calls were last night, we didn't receive one, so Hermana Hoffman and i will be killing it together here in Mississauga for at least another 6 weeks! WAHOO!!! our area is on fire and i can't wait :) there is a lot in store this transfer and i am excited to see even more miracles. missionary work is amazing! i couldn't be happier to be serving my Savior Jesus Christ :)


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