Tuesday, February 17, 2015

week 36

what an amazing week! so much happened, i don't even know where to start. first of all, yes, its sooooooo cold here. i am enduring the Canadian winter. we hit -30 C this week, i think i might die! it is definitely miserable to proselyte in this weather because we get a lot of doors slammed in our faces, and most people won't even open their doors. lets just say we're doing all we can to schedule back to back appointments everyday haha. we haven't been too successful and have been in the cold a LOT but hey, hard work brings miracles right? Si! 

after a super powerful lesson about the Plan of Salvation with John (Peruvian, 26) he accepted a date to be baptized! March 15!!! woo hooo!! he is super prepared. right at the start of the lesson after we show him the little pamphlet, he says, (in Spanish..) "oh okay so this is the plan our Heavenly Father has for us so we can return to live with Him, and we do it through Jesus Christ and His Atonement." .... YES!!! he came to churchSunday too. he is one of my favorite people to teach because he is so accepting.

Friday night we had dinner at Bishop Fullers house with our other progressing investigator, Jose (Peruvain, 40). we taught an AWESOME lesson of the Restoration (for the 4th time with Jose haha) but it really clicked for him this time. the Bishops testimony was so powerful (we translated everything during dinner and the lesson... it was an adventure and i realized i speak Spanish! haha well, Gospel Spanish :)) he said yes to baptism, but doesn't feel prepared enough for a date. i know everything is in God's timing, but we are doing all we can to help him overcome his concerns and feel ready to be baptized.

another awesome story - Carlos (Venezuelan, 30's), has been coming to church but only stays for Sacrament meeting,  but he came to again on Sunday and we taught him 2nd hour. he's SO PREPARED! his wife is a member (in Venezuela) and he comes to church to pay her tithing! he even went to Elder Oaks! he even shook his hand!!!! (while he was telling us all of this, us and the member, Hermano Foutine were all flippin out hahaha) we taught him the Restoration and he told us he has already read some in the Book of Mormon. he's amazing and totally going to be baptized soon :)

today i realized how blessed i am to be in the most cultural and diverse mission in the WORLD! when we teach English class, we have classes with people from Poland, China, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, etc, all learning english, and all ready to hear the gospel. i'm picking up cool sayings from all the languages, its hard to remember but i just love the culture of the Canada Toronto Mission! how lucky eh?

this Gospel is true. i know it! i know the Atonement is real and powerful, and i know this is Jesus Christ's church, restored today through a living Prophet. i know the Book of Mormon is true and i know it changes lives! it's changed mine. cuidense mucho! ciao!


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