Monday, June 8, 2015

week 52

soooooo i got emergency transferred on Saturday. i am back in Toronto. transfer calls are actually this coming Sunday, but there we are doing studies on Saturday morning when we get a call from President Clayton. a sister had to go home for medical reasons, and he felt inspired to send me to work in her place. not sure if its for just this week until transfers or for longer? i guess we'll see! but i felt so sad knowing i had to say goodbye to so many i love so much in Mississauga :( the worst part was, that i was being picked up in 8 hours and had no time to say much of any goodbyes. i did get to write a bunch of goodbye letters, and say bye to the Gundakers whom i love. im just happy they are moving to Utah soon! i will miss the people in Mississauga a lot. a lot of them are like family to me. i was also so sad too, because we found some SOLID people this past week in Mississauga. we saw a lot of miracles in following small spiritual promptings that we received! 

President and Sister Clayton picked me up with my new companion, Sister Herfort and brought us here to Toronto on Saturday evening. i am now in English work, and it's also YSA. its been hard :( i kind of feel like i have no idea what i am doing but i do testify that the Lord has carried me. i have felt so close to Him. the Atonement is real and i know He is there for me. i love the Lord and i will do anything He asks me to do with a full purpose heart. i will go and do! (1 Nephi 3:7)

i do feel like i have no idea what i am doing though. i sound ridiculous when i teach in English haha i literally have to translate everything back to English and it just doesn't sound right. there are a few Spanish members here though. the YSA branch is really great! all the members are super sweet. but everyone is engaged there.....

i hit my year mark this week. that is CRAZY. i really feel like i just got here!! i feel so blessed to be able to serve the Savior in any part of his precious vineyard. i know that i can always depend on Him to lift and strengthen me. i am so grateful for that knowledge. i love the Book of Mormon! we were out proselyting last night and ran into a man who was carrying heavy groceries and we offered to help. we helped him carry the groceries for quite a distance and we told them about what we do as missionaries. when i told him about the Book of Mormon and how Jesus Christ appeared to the people in the Americas, his eyes got so huge. "i want to read this book!" i was super nervous to ask him for his age hahaha since we only teach people 18-30 here. he's 38 but he was such a miracle. i love sharing the Book of Mormon with all of God's children!


ps: i am super happy that i am back in a bus area! even if its just for a time. my tailbone has definitely had it with the 6 month car area. 

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