Monday, June 22, 2015

week 54

since i didn't get to say it yesterday, HAPPY FATHERS DAY! to all the father figures i have and especially do my dad. who has raised me so strong in the gospel and been the greatest example to me. i love you dad :)

this week was so crazy busy! man, English work is so different too haha we literally have taught so many lessons this week its insane. also i am still learning to teach in English :) its different! i wish i could say that i have crashed every night as my head hits the pillow but having a trio has made us pillow talk every night hahaha. i love my companions :) so i failed to mention this last week when we got the transfer news, but yes i am in a trio, again! i am serving with Sister Mencarelli (the Italian) and Sister Vermunt (who is actually an Albanian missionary but is finishing up her mission here. she goes home next week though!) 

i have loved being in downtown Toronto again!! i just absolutely love this area. it has been so different though to walk in the same places i was like 9 months ago, but with a different mind set -- instead of hunting down the Spanish people.... everyone is our potential! which is why we have been teaching nonstop. its been so great though because we have seen so many miracles! 

i have found myself this week just doing everything for the people here. because "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah 2:17 and all i want is that these amazing people will desire and choose to Come unto Christ! the biggest miracle of the week would be Ausra. she is amazing. she is recovering from a lot right now and has such a desire to change and follow Jesus Christ. she wants to become whole and new again! i have felt so much love for her. she accepted a baptismal date forJuly 18! please pray for her <3 u="">

we taught a part member family this week from the Philippians (literally, our whole teaching pool. they are so awesome! i love Filipinos! who knew i'd be teaching them haha #imspanish... looks like i gotta learn Tagalog) and it literally broke my heart. they are having the hardest family trials right now and i just felt so bad for them. the 8 and 9 year olds have baptismal dates, and all they want is for their family to be eternal. :( i really hope things will work out. cutest little family.'

man we have been in the sketchiest places this past week. we actually had a really scary experience one night too. i am just really grateful we had a priesthood holder with us, because i have never felt so far from the Holy Ghost. it scared me so bad. i KNOW the power of God is real, and i now realize how strongly missionaries carry the Spirit! i am so grateful for it too, because it really did protect us. Wellesley, Sherborne, and Church street.... i had literally JUST told my comps this creepy story that happened to me 9 months ago with Hermana Dudley in this same area, when all the sudden we found ourselves there everyday. haha i wanted to die! 

i LOVE my mission. i love feeling Christ's love, and i love testifying to others that He really is there. i know Heavenly Father's plan for us is perfect, even when we don't always understand it. i know this is the greatest work in the world! and i love it. i love that through the power of the Atonement, we can feel the grace of our Savior, and allow Him to carry us. i love him.


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