Monday, August 17, 2015

week 62

this week was absolutely incredible. all because of yesterday. seriously it was just absolutely amazing. seeing that beautiful family be baptized was one of the greatest things i have ever seen. aren't they amazing?

the baptismal service was so great. Yuri and Teri were both so happy,as were the little girls. when Teri was baptized, the spirit just FILLED the room. and when he came out of the water little Tyra said "wow that was beautiful!" awwwwwwww. Yuri (the wife/mom) bore her testimony after about how her prayers have been answered... how she has hoped and dreamed for this since she got married and how happy she was. we were all crying so much! this family is going to be eternal! next step.... the temple. i love the Sabado family so so so much!! that, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. that, is missionary work.

here is another huge miracle of the week! so we were really struggling to find this week... we have been meeting with a TON of less actives in the ward to help strengthen the ward and bring back some members... which has been really great!! we have a returning member named Shalom who is preparing to go to the temple on September 5! woo! i know the Lord is just as happy when we have people get to the temple, as He is when we help people enter into the waters of baptism. anyways, so we were struggling to find new, and Saturday night comes... we had so many appointments! so we decided to go on splits. which i love doing. anyways, Hermana Sandorf and Diana (a ward missionary) found a new investigator named Justin... then Sunday after church we didn't have much proselyting time (about an hour before our lesson with the Castro's) but the first bus we hop on there was a young guy on the phone... didn't look too Spanish but we talked to him once we got off. he knows a TON about the church and has been going in Spain since he was 16. he is SO PREPARED! he told us he has no idea why he never got baptized... he went to the bishop and asked to serve a mission but remembered he never got baptized haha. funny huh? he's way cool. can't wait to teach him.

anyways, we're finding tons of miracles, teaching lots of amazing people, and helping people to progress. i am LOVING every minute of every day right now... i seriously am in love with the mission! even with all my random and annoying health problems, i am loving every single day. this work is real and true and i love it. i love Jesus Christ. i know He lives. 

xoxoxoxo, hermana horton

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