Monday, August 24, 2015

week 63

we had a great week! we have still been super busy which i love. i love when the Lord puts us to work :) our mission is changing! we are applying and learning new things, to become a full force member-missionary proselyting program. which is going to be awesome, because that work is what helps people stay active in the Gospel. a friend for those investigating the church makes all the difference... and its so much better if the friend is the one who introduces them to the church! i'm loving applying everything. it's really making us do things differently but it's what the Lord wants and what our mission needs.

coolest miracle of the week was on exchanges on Tuesday. a new sister, Sister Meleisea came to our area with me. we went and visited a less active, Francisca. she is 86 and the only reason she can't come to church is because of her health. when we got there... we did the round up :) which simply means we invited everyone in the house to join the lesson! her son Leonardo was home and gladly joined us. we switched around the whole lesson and taught the Restoration because he joined! i felt bad... because they hardly spoke any English. i was translating a lot so Sister Meleisea could teach as well, but it was so cool because mid way through the lesson, she just finished what i was teaching... i looked at her and i was like... what the heck how did you understand that. hahaha the gift of tongues is real kids!!! SO COOL! Leonardo told us he had been to church a few times with his mom and when we asked him if he believed its true he said YES! Sister Meleisea invited him to be baptized, and he committed to prepare. gotta get him to the Temple!

i also went on exchanges with the Chinese sisters which was awesome. Sister Liao is so cute! language work is fun. i had to apply the gift of tongues there too haha :) 

MARTINE CAME TO CHURCH!!!! such a miracle! we have been working with him since i got here... and he has been progressing so well, just has been really nervous about coming to church. which is definitely necessary. he finally came yesterday and is preparing to be baptized! i'm so excited for him. he might have to get baptized in the English ward because he definitely has been white washed by coming to Canada. meaning he barely speaks Spanish now haha. but he is awesome.

we've been doing all we can to work with more and more less actives to get them to the Temple. i was so happy in church yesterday because the chapel looked so much more FULL than previous weeks. commitment to living the Gospel and making it a part of who we are is so important. the Gospel has changed my life. i know what it means and how important it is to ALWAYS put Jesus Christ first. this work is incredible!

con mucho amor, hermana horton

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