Monday, August 31, 2015

week 64

¡hola a todos! 

i want to start off this email by thanking everyone who loves and supports me. you have no idea how much i appreciate it! i am so grateful. i am especially grateful for the many blessings my Heavenly Father has poured down upon me. for the knowledge that Jesus Christ knows and loves me perfectly. that is something i am so so grateful for everyday.

this week was pretty challenging for me personally... President Clayton could tell i was suffering pretty bad with my tailbone at MLC this week and we really decided to take action... which has been so hard for me. something i realllyyyyyy don't want to have to deal with on my mission!! or ever again in my life really haha. anyways, even after Xrays there has yet to be answers... which i expected. they did give me pain killers which are crazy strong. haha they TOTALLY knocked me out on the subway to our appointment!!! the person Hna Sandorf was talking to was like... is she okay? hahaha oh man. too good. everything happens for a reason, and everything will be okay, because i know Heavenly Father is watching over me. and i KNOW that Christ does understand me. perfectly. He knows what it's like to not be able to sit :) i'm grateful for Him. i am learning what it truly means to trust in the Lord. especially in God's timing. 

we have continued to see wonderful miracles here! best news ever -- Martine passed his baptismal interview! which means he will be getting baptized on Sunday! woooo hoo! excited for him. we showed him parts of Meet the Mormons and he loved it. he is very excited to be baptized :)

Leonardo is another miracle... i talked about him last week, but man he is so great! he came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. when we visited him this week, he told us he had decided that morning that he was going to be baptized and become a member. "¡si, yo decidí!" sooooo cool. he's great!

i spoke in church yesterday. my first full talk in Spanish. crazy eh? it was a missionary Sunday, so i spoke on member missionary work. which was great because it's exactly what our mission is focusing on right now! WE ARE ONE!!! i cried as i shared of experiences in the mission where i am so grateful for members, when they open their mouths and share the Gospel and have truly partnered with us in this great work. many members were touched. i am so glad they felt the Spirit. 

i know that Christ truly is the Prince of Peace. "...Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, whosoever will come, Him will i receive; and blessed are those who come unto me."  3 Nephi 9:14

con amor, hermana horton

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